At George Mason University



For two years prior to the Spring of 1999, Interested Gentlemen at George Mason University threw the idea of starting the first Latino fraternity on their campus. Up until that point, there were no multicultural fraternities or sororities established on campus, other than IFC Fraternities, Pan-Hellenic Sororities, and Black Fraternities & Sororities. It was through this void and lack of representation, that the goal was set to establish an organization that would uplift and unite the Latino community on campus.

During the Fall of 1998, a strong push to establish La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc was brought forth through the efforts of future Founding Hermano Melvin Parada and Phi Chapter Founding Hermano Renato Molina. These two formalized an informational meeting that brought interested gentlemen to learn and explore the opportunities offered by La Unidad Latina. It wasn’t until the next semester in Spring 1999, after having established a formal interest group, that these gentlemen became Caballeros and began the intake process for La Unidad Latina.

With the guidance of Phi Chapter, Chi Chapter, Gamma Epsilon Chapter and countless Hermanos from outside the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, these Caballeros went on to become the Founding Line of the Alpha Delta Chapter at George Mason University on April 10, 1999. The five men were Hermano Jorge Campos, Hermano Mansur Mendizabal, Hermano Melvin Parada, Hermano Walter Xavier Lozada, and Hermano Jose Weeks. These Hermanos completed the task of establishing the first Latino-based fraternity at George Mason University, the first chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc., in the state of Virginia, and the first Latino Fraternity in the state of Virginia. The Alpha Delta Chapter would later help establish the Multicultural Greek Council, Hispanic Student Association, Aguilas Mentoring Program and Mason DREAMers, which all still stand strong and continue to grow at George Mason.