We as individuals and as a chapter were instrumental in the creation, formation, and ongoing engagement of the Latino community on campus. We do on and off campus work and we continue that work post-graduation. We firmly believe “Para Siempre” is more than just a motto. We care about surrounding ourselves with leaders, which is why we like cross-collaborations with organizations of different races, ethnicities, genders, and identities. Hermanos from our chapter come from all walks of life but are united in the cause of uplifting our community. Since 1999, the Hermanos of our Chapter have been agents of change in our community and will keep that tradition alive.

Beta Line - Spring 2001


1. Hermano Jose Humberto Salmeron

Gamma Line - Spring 2008

Una Identidad Unida

1. Hermano Hugo Quisbert

2. Hermano Jose Ruiz

3. Hermano Ramon Roque

Delta Line - Spring 2009

La Fuerza Perseverante

1. Hermano Jeovanny Paz

2. Hermano Luis Gonzalez

3. Hermano Rafael Reynoso

Epsilon Line - Spring 2010

The Strength of Many

1. Hermano Walter Martinez

Zeta Line - Spring 2011

Los Imanes Poderosos

1. Hermano Cristian Antonio Pineda

2. Hermano Victor Jose Santos

Eta Line - Spring 2012

Los de Gran Fortaleza

1. Hermano R. Adrian Aramayo

2. Hermano Connor “Ricky” Cadima

Theta Line - Fall 2014

Los de la Furia Apasionada

1. Hermano Mario Jason Choto

2. Hermano Jonathan Carmona

Iota Line - Spring 2016

El Coraje Perseverante

1. Hermano Rolando Flores-Santos

2. Hermano Rodrigo Velasquez

Kappa Line - Fall 2016

Guerreros de Inmensas Ganas

1. Hermano Ernesto Alejandro Gomez

2. Hermano Cristian Javier Vigil

Lambda Line - Spring 2017

La Trinidad Legendaria

1. Hermano Alberto Israel Morales

2. Hermano Juan Carlos Lopez-Flores

3. Hermano Aaron Antonio Escobar

Mu Line - Spring 2018

Soldados con Corazones de Oro

1. Hermano Daniel Rosales-Vanegas

2. Hermano Henry Muñoz